What is Content Writing for a Business?

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If you are searching for an experienced, professional content writer for your business, this is where you want to begin with the process. 

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Define Content Writing for Businesses

First, let’s break this down noun by noun. 

First Noun—Content refers to digital content also known as web content, which is the written information on a website. What you are reading at this very moment fits the bill perfectly. 

Next Noun—Writing is the motion of assembling words in a coherent fashion. Specifically, writing content for the web involves skills of creating coherent, quality text that your readers can and will want to read. 

Final Noun—Business, in relation to content writing, involves the use of digital content to do any of these three things at a time:

  1. Provide potential customers with information about their industry, product, service or business.
  2. Attract the attention of new customers through web marketing.
  3. Drive their website up the search rankings to make it easier for people to find their site and company on the internet.

But there is one caveat.

Not all content writing is coherently created equally. 

Content Writing or Copywriting

Some writers are skilled at writing copy, and copywriting is not the same as content writing. Copywriting is sales in print. It is focused on marketing and advertising. It is a part of content writing but it is not the same process. 

Then what constitutes content writing?


It is text written with a focus on the information shared via the content. This content is value-packed to inform, educate or entertain. Content writing, when done right, results in quality content. More importantly, a content writer, like myself, is experienced in creating content especially for websites.

This type of content is completely different from content in a book, a newsletter, or journalism. 

This type of writing requires a different toolbox to copywriting. Yes, both can sell a product, but with content writing the goal is to incorporate web marketing into the mix.

Concepts like search engine optimization and meta descriptions and subheaders and keyword placement…those are all tossed in the soup pot of content writing. Sprinkled in are hyperlinks and inbound links and white space

Choosing a Professional Content Developer

Someone who writes content professionally, as I have since 2008, and implements content marketing elements is a content developer. I develop content from the backstage of research and writing to the front stage of content design and publication for business websites. From there I go a step further to attract the audience through social marketing outreach and email marketing.

Now that you understand the difference between content and copy, and the need for a content developer, contact my office to request a customized quote for your business's content writing needs.