Writing with Voice Dictation for Speedy Sentences

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I am working on ways to improve my writing speed and writing quality, both for work as a web content creator and for my fiction writing. There simply are not enough hours in the day—and night—to do all of the writing that I need and want to do. Additionally I don’t want to blow through writing my book-in-progress or web content because quality is queen.

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Today is…Thesaurus Day!

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For a writer this is a major holiday. Yes it is MLK, Jr. Day. It’s also Thesaurus Day! We’re all reflective of MLK Day, but how many people told you “Happy Thesaurus Day?” None? What a shame! Let me be the first then. Happy Thesaurus Day! In celebration of a writer’s favorite holiday, here are some resources for synonymicons and treasuries of words. And in the theme of the occasion, you’ll find some select synonyms to sprout out meanings of “thesaurus.”  

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11 Books to Stimulate Your Creative Writing

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Each week I will be posting a creative writing prompt of some variety. For this week’s creative writing prompt I’m whomping you with several writing resources. This way, how does the saying go? Give a person a fish…but teach them how to fish…Along that route I thought it would be fun to make a list of all of the writing prompt books I have on my shelves. These books will give you the opportunity to find thousands of ideas for writing. 

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