Writing with Voice Dictation for Speedy Sentences

by Miranda Brumbaugh in ,

I am working on ways to improve my writing speed and writing quality, both for work as a web content creator and for my fiction writing. There simply are not enough hours in the day—and night—to do all of the writing that I need and want to do. Additionally I don’t want to blow through writing my book-in-progress or web content because quality is queen.

E-books at Kindle Unlimited

I've been reading this e-book that I got for free through Kindle Unlimited, which I guess means it's not actually free as that program is $10 a month for a subscription. At any rate the book I am currently reading titled "Write Better, Faster: How to Triple Your Writing Speed and Write More Every Day” by Monica Leonelle has already paid off for me.

A tip: Via Kindle Unlimited there are several e-books for people who need or want to learn more about writing as a freelancer or a fiction writer. They aren’t all great. One I read actually had typos in it—a book by a writer for a writer with typos is a total turnoff for me.

One of the suggestions in "Write Better, Faster" is to write using voice dictation. I am already a pretty fast typist especially when I get in the flow on a topic I know a lot about. However, my fingers tend to cramp up and refuse to operate after writing 10,000 words a day which happens quite often. Additionally, I write fiction in pen on paper in the evenings and when it comes time to write that way my fingers are curling up like dead coral. I should add, since it is winter, as it reaches Arctic cold temps here in South Dakota it is more of a challenge to type with cold fingers than with warm ones and who has time to type wearing gloves? Not this speed demon!

Voice Dictation for Writers

So how do I write faster? Voice dictation, that's the next step for me. In fact I’m using voice dictation to write this post in rough draft. It's my first day so I'm still a little nervous speaking out loud, and I have yet to get the commands down properly. Also I prefer to listen to loud music when writing, which is not conducive with voice dictation. It’s the little things. However, if this tool can help me in anyway to either write faster or better I'm all for a change.

To Dragon or Not?

The voice command works well even with my southern-ish dialect, which is surprising, especially considering it is a program built into my iMac. I have heard of the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software; however, for the price tag free is better than not free in my opinion. I believe that as long as this freebie works I can avoid that investment. But if I find that I am using this dictation program more frequently and need to upgrade to something more substantial it would be a worthwhile investment at that point.

My question for you is do you use a voice dictation program and if so what are your pros and cons with this writing tool. Please comment I'd love to hear from you!